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About Our Organization

How It All Began

We began in 1999 as a single man operation with the clear objective of offering our guests the best travel experience of India. Having catered to varied expectations of tourists from different walks of life from different geographies for years together, we could handpick the most sought after destinations with local insights. We began with the sights and charms of Delhi, added Agra to our kitty of offerings and fused with the royalties of Rajasthan. Soon after, we added hills and mountains of Uttarakhand, Himachal Pradesh and Leh. We kept on expanding our geographies with special highlights from Mumbai, Goa, Tamil Nadu and Kerala - to name a few.

Today, at India Highlights Tour, we are a team of motivated individuals and proud of what we have achieved in terms of customer loyalty and goodwill. Our focus still remains in what’s in it for our customers to travel with us. We strive to make vacations for you to experience the real Indian hospitality. We are not mere travel planners but accompany you to your chosen destinations in our own car and arrange for your stay in the most trusted hotels and resorts we have long association with. We give you an insider’s view of cultures, traditions and cuisines that’s been popular among the local populace.

The People in Charge

Khem Singh
Founder & Guide

The major learnings of my life have been with guests I travelled along, in places I travelled to and from the people I met on the way. While the learning continues, I try my best to do everything I can so you benefit as much from what I have seen, learnt and developed. Your feedback is always welcome so my hospitality remains at its best for you to enjoy the charms of real India.

Our Backbone

Beer Singh Ravinder Singh
Assistant Manager Operations Executive


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